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Name Honor and Roots

The Mertek name was chosen to honor Merle Pedley who has planted qualities of fairness, honesty, kindness, accountability, flexibility, and strong work ethics in those that know him. These qualities are the foundation of Mertek Solutions Inc.


Tradition and openness to change

As an independent family/group-owned company based on 100 years of tradition, our actions are characterized by long-term orientation as well as the will to actively bring about necessary change.


Internationality and regional commitment

As an internationally oriented company, we are aware of our responsibility and the cultural diversity at all our locations, with the focus on partnership and social awareness.


Success orientation and willingness to perform

We aim to be among the best and not to become complacent with what we have accomplished. This can be seen in every single employee’s willingness to perform.


Commitment and responsibility

Working in conjunction with business associates and within the company, we are reliable partners, work hard to find solutions, we assume responsibility for our actions and abide by our agreements.


Reliability and honesty

We encourage a climate of openness and trust. In our relations with business partners and employees, we naturally respect each person’s dignity.



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